Dementia Web - Dementia Information Resource for Oxfordshire

DementiaWeb - Dementia Information Resource for Oxfordshire

Children and Young People

Info About Dementia

If you are a child or young person/teenager looking for information about dementia then try checking out these links:

  • Just 4 Kids (amazing Canadian web site with Alzheimer related children's activities, jokes, quizzes, etc)
  • The milk's in the oven a booklet to help younger people understand dementia

Young Carers

Are you under 18 and helping to look after someone who has dementia? That makes you a Young Carer, even if someone else does more for that person than you do.

Your mates at school might not always understand what life's like for you, so sometimes it can help to meet up with other Young Carers.

Oxfordshire Young Carers Projects

In Oxfordshire there are three Carers Centres, and one of the things they do is support people like you! Trips and outings are organised specially for Young Carers, and there are Support Workers available to help answer any questions you've got about caring. There may also be money available to help you take a break from caring.

More details, plus contact names and numbers, for the Young Carers Projects in Oxfordshire can be found on the Carers Centres webpages (click on the 'Web' links in the following contact boxes, then choose the Young Carers option from the menu on the left-hand side of their webpage):

North and West Oxfordshire Carers Centre
27 Horsefair
OX16 0AE

Tel.: 01295 264545
Fax: 01295 270660

Open Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays 10-4
Closed Tuesdays
Telephone help Mon, Wed, Thu, Fri 9am to 5pm

Email: [email protected]
Web.: (North & West Oxfordshire)

Oxford Carers Centre
174a Cowley Road

Tel.: 01865 205192
Fax: 01865 242569

South and Vale Carers Centre
3-5 Lydalls Road
OX11 7HX

Tel.: 01235 510212
Fax: 01235 512198

Email: [email protected]
Web.: (South & Vale)

You might also want to check out the Young Carers website.

Explaining to Children

You may wonder how to explain about dementia to children. The Alzheimer's Society factsheet Explaining to children gives some tips on how to address this. A number of books are also available. An excellent title you can view online, and print off if desired is The milk's in the oven.

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