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DementiaWeb - Dementia Information Resource for Oxfordshire

Holidays and Travelling

Travelling with dementia

When dementia is first diagnosed it may be important to some people to fulfil certain ambitions, such as visiting a particular place. If you are travelling abroad it will be important to ensure that the Travel and Medical Insurance Companies are made aware of the dementia diagnosis: a doctor's letter may be required.

As dementia progresses the person with dementia usually prefers not to travel farther afield. However holidays in familiar accommodation may continue to be enjoyed. Coaches and trains are sometimes more enjoyable than long car journeys.

Some couples find it helpful to holiday with close friends who can provide additional support to both of you.

A holiday staying with family or friends may work well for the person with dementia who lives alone.

A point is usually reached when overnight stays become too confusing for the person with dementia, who will not be able to remember where they are or where the bathroom is located. At this stage day trips might still to be enjoyed, especially if they are to familiar places and involve only a short journey.

Eventually the person with dementia's horizons will shrink, so that they feel most comfortable in the home environment. However that doesn't mean that the person caring for them also needs to stop travelling: a variety of respite options are available which can allow carers to continue to enjoy restorative breaks.

Vitalise - Supported Holidays

Vitalise (formerly Winged Fellowship Trust) runs specific weeks for people with dementia, and their carers, at accessible holiday centres. These breaks are sponsored by the Alzheimer's Society and are very popular - early booking recommended!

Contact details:

12 City Forum
250 City Road

Tel.: 0845 345 1972
Fax: 0845 345 1978


Kiloran Trust - London Breaks for Carers

The Kiloran Trust have a large welcoming house in west London, in which full time carers at home can enjoy a holiday / supportive break (from Monday to Saturday).

The house has 3 en-suite bedrooms. Food is home-made and all meals are provided. You can have breakfast at any time you like, giving you the chance for a long undisturbed lie in. A snack lunch is available to those who are in and the main meal is in the evening. If you have special dietary needs then these can be catered for. You will have your own front door key and will be free to come and go as you like.

You can spend your time doing as you wish - sightseeing, resting, shopping, walking in the parks or along the river, seeing friends, going to a west end show, gallery etc. If your idea of a perfect break is to take it really easy in comfort, then you can just enjoy the peace of the house, being cooked for and cared for. Good listening is always available - some carers need to unburden and talk about the stresses they are under at home. This is always welcome.

More information is available on The Kiloran Trust website.

Contact details:

Tel.: 0207 602 7404
Fax: 0207 602 3303

Retreat Houses

For some people going on retreat is a break that brings a special sort of refreshment.

Most retreats are residential: you go and stay somewhere quiet and apart from your usual daily life, typically in a retreat house. Retreat houses provide a peaceful atmosphere and good accommodation at a modest price. Many are in the countryside, but there are some in towns too.

More information is available on The Retreat Association website.

Further Information

The Alzheimer's Society factsheet Travelling and going on holiday has further information.

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